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This page is dedicated to all of the people that have helped our cause. Thank you for your support!


I am Doug Moses the founder of Christ Games. I have been in the computer industry for 30+ years, from developer to web infrastructure and support. I started this site to encourage a community of Christian game designers to come together and collaborate with each other and grow in their craft. I want fellow Christian game designers, like me, to help teach others how to make games. My most notable game contributions are Rodeo Judge, a mobile card game, and Unwind, a relaxing word game with ambiance audio and soothing effects offered to help you unwind. I am also lead developer for Spirit Heroes, a 2D parallax scrolling game hosted on Christ Games for Erica Bertram. I am active in my local church and occasionally teach an adult bible class called the Mustard Seeds. You can follow me on most popular social media sites, or here on Christ Games, where I contribute often to the community to help others in the industry. I am passionate about Open Source and sharing my faith with others. My wife Kim is my best friend. We live in Texas and are old gaming nerds.


I have been so very blessed, not only with my beautiful wife and family, but also with becoming a world champion bull rider. I know that God blessed me with the desires of my heart as I continue to grow in my relationship with Him. Rodeo Judge is a card game I invented in 1991 while waiting to compete in bull riding at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. Twenty three years later God led me to Christ Games where I took my invention to the next level. Christ Games turned my idea into a mobile card game. It is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store and doing well. In my walk with Jesus Christ, I have now accomplished more than I had ever imagined. I am a world champion bull rider, pastor, actor, producer, inventor, and regularly get the opportunity to preach God’s good news to youth and their families. God has truly blessed me and my family. Below are a few projects that I am involved in.
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Hi I’m Leah Tillock, President of ATN World News, we are News & Inspiration. Conservative News and Inspirational Celebrity Interviews. Below is information on our Media outlet. You can sign up for our email at this link:


Top 5% Online Social Media Influence (Conservative Community) – Klear Stats
Top 10% Facebook (Conservative Community). – Klear Stats
95% Retweet Index – Retweetrank
2018 & 2019 Listee in Marquis Who’s Who in the World in the online book (Under Leah Tillock) for top 3% Online Media Influence – ATN World News.


Conservative News, Inspirational Celebrity Interviews. We post the news the mainstream news is silent on. News blog and social media posts, Skype, Radio Interviews and some TV specials.

We interview: Conservative Journalist, Experts in their field, Grammy and Dove winners, Music Hall of Fame inductees, Best Selling Authors, Bible Prophecy Experts, News Makers.


Exposés, Politics, Unexplained Phenomenons, TI’s, NWO, Israel, Christian, World Affairs, Health, Music, Photo and Quote Inspiration.

Also, we have designed a therapeutic game for our ATN followers called, “Unwind Game”. The game helps you destress and it’s good to keep older minds active and alert. Check it out at:


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From start to finish I produce my own videos through my production company Jordan Woods Media. I am a freelance Videographer with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and a minor in Advertising. I use what I learned in design school to make my videos look astonishing!

My focus is small businesses; I want to promote your product or cause. I know you need to get the word out about the services you offer and grow your customer base. So, let’s get people talking about your business and build meaningful relationships with your customers through video. Your customers will be astonished!

I have contributed to Christ Games in several ways. One of them is a promotional video for Rodeo Judge that you can view here on YouTube.

Filmmaker/Graphic Designer


I am a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom with four children, Nash, Kruise, Eden, and Tate. I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma with my children and amazingly supportive husband Brandon. My desire is to see an entire generation of families empowered and directed by the Holy Spirit, each driven to their unique purpose. I have published several Christian books, mostly themed around family and children. My book series “Spirit Heroes” is now being developed into a video game at Christ Games. I am also actively working on an animated series of these books and look for your help with both projects. Please join us and help spread God’s love though the projects supported by this site. If you are interested in learning more about the Holy Sprit, my family and I, or my writings, please visit my Blog site at:


Over the years I have been a graphic artist and animator for several large companies. In 2006 I founded Bitstudio Games. We develop web, social, and mobile games. We support indie game development teams, artists and musicians in any way we can. Our goals are similar to Christ Games’. We are inviting all indie game developers to join a loose collective to help develop, promote, and finance projects. I am currently working with Christ Games on some game projects which will be posted here soon. We are looking forward to working with this


Hi, I’m Dianne. I’m blessed to be a part of the ChristGames team! My background includes 20-something years in broadcast radio as a deejay. It was a great career and took me many places, including the opportunity to audition for a SAG movie, which I got the part. I got the opportunity to work with M. Night Shayamalan on Unbreakable in 2000. It was a small role, but a big event and true blessing for me. God holds true to His promises.At ChristGames, I will be participating in Spirit Heroes. And more as time goes on.

Currently, my primary role is taking care of my 94 year old mother who has dementia. I must say that even with all of the challenges of this time, I am truly blessed. Sometimes, God allows us to go through trials to strengthen our faith and to change things about us that He doesn’t like. That is if we allow him to. “Ask and ye shall receive.”

May God’s Perfect Will manifest in your life quickly. Our time here is short. Blessings!!


I am the co-director of Christian Media Association. My interests include networking, media, and film production. CMA is a faith based organization helping Christian media professionals connect with one another to succeed in their media and film projects. Many of the industry leaders in film, TV, and other media professions are members of our organization, or have spoken at our meetings. We have several chapters across America. Christ Games is an active member of our organization in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We have helped them connect with several of our members to grow relationships and get them leads on game projects. Annually we host a large Christian media convention. This is a massive event where hundreds of companies, actors and actresses, come together to socialize, learn, and network. If you would like to learn more about CMA, follow our link here for more


I have been in radio/television broadcasting for more than 30 years. I currently own a motion picture company called Christian Cinema Productions and a radio station called Angel Air. Christ Games helped support several of my film startup ideas. We worked on some game prototypes involving martial arts and football, but the film ideas never made it to final production. The movies were scrapped for various reasons. So it goes in the industry. I am blessed to have worked with them. They were professional, very helpful, and taught me a lot about the game industry. I am currently working on new film titles, and will be looking for assistance on big ticket game titles soon. Christ Games is on the top of my list if opportunities arise again. You can learn more about my film projects at my site


I am the co-owner of PM Assembly, a circuit board assembly and testing company in north Texas. I am also a Christian and attend the same church with Doug Moses, founder of Christ Games. He is a good friend of mine. I helped test his mobile game Rodeo Judge when it was in beta with my Android phone. I learned a lot about how game design works on mobile devices. I am also a singer/musician and active member of two music groups, Filthy Rags at church, and the Acoustic Kleptos. I teach the adult bible class at my church called Mustard Seeds. My support for Christ Games involves game testing, possibly music composition, and Christian leadership. Here is the link to my


I am a graphic designer and photographer. I love taking pictures and manipulating them. I have helped Christ Games with a football game prototype that they were working on for CCP. I took several pictures of a local high school football field and stadium. I then used several filters and techniques in CorelDRAW to turn these pictures into background images for the game. For twelve years I owned and operated a wedding and portrait photography business.


Doug and Kim came over to our house and read me a book. It was about some kids and Jesus and a tree house. I sat on the couch with them and my Mom and Dad. Doug asked me some questions about a video game he was making. It sounded really cool! I told him he needed the kids to climb trees. He liked my idea. I told him more stuff. He paid me $10 for helping him with his game.

Doug Moses interviewed him to get his perspective of Spirit Heroes from a child’s perspective. Dexter is helping keep Sprit Heroes real and fun for children. This was a targeted focus group of one. That meeting helped set the tone for the game design. Dexter was also a beta tester for Rodeo Judge.


I help promote faith-based media companies though Social Media Management and Marketing. I am also proficient at Proofreading and Editing content of unpublished media. I am a passionate Media Reviewer and Blogger too. I currently work with Christian Media Association, Premier1 Studios (including Christian Movie Connect, CWIMA, Cafe Connect and TFaith Women) and Pathlight Entertainment (“Beyond the Farthest Star”). I have assisted Christ Games several times by proofreading the content on this site. If you would like to know more about me, please visit my LinkedIn page


Passionate programmer that enjoys developing games professionally and as a hobby. I have been developing games for a few years and through this, it enabled me to gain experience and learn new techniques. My specialty is gameplay programming, though I do like to work on other aspects of code such as artificial intelligence and graphics programming. I am looking forward to helping Christ Games with their projects.


Aside from my audio profession, I am a motivational speaker/educator. I help influence young people to follow their dreams while not loosing sight of their core values (integrity and faith based). I want to attract and reach different audiences and gaming is definitely a great way to present Christ. This is definitely something I want to be part of and donate my talent. I am just looking to connect with people who are just as passionate about gaming and the idea to continue learning.


I am an avid video game player. I mostly play action role-playing (RPG) games, but have played all of the genres. I am a beta tester for several game companies and am happy to assist Christ Games to test their projects. I am currently studying computer hardware repair and look forward to learning how to make games too.


I create art and animation assets for games and apps from concept to completion. I was responsible for all UI assets of a game including: concept art, production art, particle effects, character development, 2D animation and marketing material for each project. Spirit Heroes sounds like fun. I love to volunteer on awesome projects.


I love to create CGI for a living. My main tasks as a Digital Artist are within the 3D world. I am familiar with the whole 3D production pipeline from idea conception to post production; with key strengths from modeling through rendering. I would like to help in your game projects as a 3D Artist. If there is any project or task I can help you with, please let me know. I will be happy to collaborate with you.Here is the link to my personal


I am a 3D Character Artist with the skills of a 3D generalist. I am thoroughly passionate about art, technology and the creative aspects involved in the making of 3D Models. I am personally all for community sharing! If I can help with anything, Lord willing, I will do my best to help you any way I can.


My name is Nathaniel Whited. I’m a former United States Marine Corps meteorologist of 9 years of service. I am currently a student at Full Sail University for Game Design. I would like to volunteer to assist in any way I can. I hope to make games for Christ in the future. I think it would be a great connection to spread the message of God to non-Christian players.


I am a Program Supervisor at God’s Programming Inc. I would like to help Christ Games with my skills of computer programming, art work, logos, and web design.

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